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Image by Sean Sinclair


In 2018, over 80,000 people died of overdoses in Canada and the US. This was double the rate from ten years previous, and a direct result of deadly fentanyl contaminating the illicit drug supply. Casual and recreational cocaine users were at the greatest risk of accidental overdose because they had little to no opioid tolerance and, unlike daily heroin users, were largely unaware that synthetic opioids were being cut into their drugs.

We found a fentanyl test strip existed and was being distributed by a harm reduction non-profit called DanceSafe, and they needed a hand in aiding awareness. So, we took a famous advertising stunt and gave it a twist to help educate the public and fight the opioid epidemic on International Overdose Awareness Day. Rather than waging the war on drugs, we helped to educate people on harm reduction strategies that can actually make an impact, and shift the public conversation towards practical, evidence-based solutions.

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