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Image by Sean Sinclair


Auto retail isn't traditionally the award horse of any agency, and radio isn't the sexiest of mediums. Maybe that's why these two underdogs (or under-horses?) worked so well together. The "Beware of Parts Unknown" campaign simply uses the medium to demonstrate and dramatize the consequence of using cheap, no-name knockoff parts opposed to genuine parts in your Ford. I was lucky to work on this campaign from its inception with my CD at the time and campaign creator, Matt Fraracci, and it's still going strong 10 years later. Now that's a brand platform, baby. 

2014 London International Awards: Bronze – Radio Campaign

2014 London International Awards: Bronze – Radio Single

2014 Canadian Marketing Awards: Silver - Radio Campaign

2014 Canadian Marketing Awards: Copywriting Craft Award

2014 Applied Arts Winner: 30 seconds or less – Series

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