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Image by Sean Sinclair


With a product that's difficult to understand and an industry filled with horror stories and scams, people don’t know who to trust in the crypto category. In order to overcome negative perceptions and establish Coinsquare as the authoritative industry leader, we mirrored the truths of the category and built the brand's credibility through a connection strategy and media plan that took unexpected cues from Canada's most trusted financial institutions. Coinsquare's integrated launch campaign was the first of its kind in the crypto space, appearing not only in digital channels, but also during must-see TV (NBA and NHL playoffs), in high profile out-of-home locations, and in established business print media.

From Reddit to the workplace water cooler, the buzz around Coinsquare quickly grew as they became the country's most-well-known name in digital currency. Brand reputation soared and attracted high-quality talent and legitimate industry partnerships to the organization.



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