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Image by Sean Sinclair


In February 2020, the Ford government released an unnecessary license plate redesign in conservative blue, with new slogans to better fit their ‘big business’ agenda.  This vanity project became a big waste of time and tax-payer dollars when the new and unimproved plates proved to be virtually unreadable at night. Not to mention, this all went down during the Ontario’s teachers strike, something far more deserving of Ford’s attention and money.

So we created a “STILL Yours to Discover” license plate frame that strategically covered the new slogan for the one we all knew and loved for the past 37 years. Not only was it a great way to stick it to the man, it was also a way help Ontario Teachers, with 100% of the proceeds going to school resources. 

(Please excuse the amatuer talent, as I was the only free option for our $0 budget.)

FUN FACT: The week we set to launch, a global pandemic happened to launch first, so we decided to put our cheeky license plates on hold. The Ford government did too, putting an end to the new design and reverting back to the original. So if you’re stuck with a Ford blue license plate, hit us up! We have 100 sitting in our empty office.  
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